Why this custom Hamilton trailer would work well in the Metaverse


We’ve talked a lot about our robot overlords trending in the field of manufacturing. It makes good business sense to lean on A.I. to help optimize our production world. And this custom trailer we designed for a well-known sugar producer is a great example of how Hamilton can collab with robots to make the world a better place.

The trailers are being used in tandem with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) tuggers to move pallets of packaged sugar, which are loaded and unloaded robotically. But here’s the rub: each trailer must stop in the same spot consistently so the robots can handle the product with precision. Hamilton engineers leveraged a four-wheel auto-steer design and worked to optimize the pallet risers to interface properly with the robotic loaders. We also spent some time tweaking the length and height of the towing tongue to ensure that our trailers perfectly follow the path of the AGV tuggers as closely as possible.

There are so many benefits to using AGVs and trailers to move product. For one, it’s safer. AGVs have many cameras, lasers and other sensors that production floor workers don’t to ensure safe operation around personnel and structures. AGVs are also great for augmented accuracy and productivity while reducing labor costs.

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Four-Wheel Auto-Steer Trailer

  • Capacity: 7,000 pounds
  • Deck Size: 48" wide x 96" long x 21 ¼” high
  • Deck Material: Smooth sheet steel welded over steel channel frame
  • Steering Type: 4-Wheel Auto-Steer, Two wheel auto steer connected by square steel tie rod for four-wheel steering
  • Running Gear: Four W-1240-DT-1-1/4 Duralast Wheels. Size 12" diameter x 4" face with tapered roller bearings
  • Ball and Hitch Couplers: Socket towing tongue in the front with 2-5/16 diameter ball at the rear. 140" from center-line of receiver hitch to center-line of the rear ball.
  • Superstructure: Riser for Pallet Transferring