Four Wheel Steer Trailers

Hamilton’s line of towable four wheel steer trailers and carts lead the industry in reliability, durability and innovation. Each trailer’s steering linkage is designed and calibrated for proper steering geometry to ensure true tracking. Drop forged couplers and hitches link multiple trailers into a towable train, each trailer precisely follows the preceding through the plant for efficient delivery of materials. Our carts provide years of utility with robust designs rolling on the industry’s most durable wheels. When your material handling equipment needs exceeds what you may find to buy online, Hamilton engineers will design a custom solution for your specific materials handling application. At Hamilton, our specials are standard and we are constantly raising the bar and pushing boundaries by leveraging innovation, experience and a culture of continuous improvement.

  • 2K

    Economical quad steer cart ideal for moving small parts from warehouses to lean manufacturing work cells.

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  • 5K

    All steer cart similar to the 2K model, with stronger structural steel frame and wheels for heavier service.

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  • 10K

    Durable heavy duty quad steer trailer designed to endure harsh loading and power towing conditions.

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  • 20K+

    Heavyweight industrial trailer great for handling and hauling huge steel dies from tool rooms to factory floors.

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