Cradle Carts & Dollies

Hamilton Caster’s line of heavy duty industrial cradle carts, dollies and bar handling trucks are designed specifically to stage and transfer bars and cylindrical shaped materials. Job shops use them as a tool for loading down with structural steel moving it in and out of production areas. Maintenance departments use them for hauling pipe and valves. These push carts have a robust structural steel frame and cradles providing long term service. Due to the variety of parts carried they are frequently engineered to order to meet precise customer application. Hamilton engineers will design an innovative solution leveraging our more than 100 years of material handling equipment experience and our culture of continuous improvement. Hamilton unquestionably manufactures the easiest rolling, hardest working and most adaptable cradle carts you can buy online.

  • Steel Cradle

    Steel cradle carts are perfect for the transfer and staging of bars, tubing and structural steel around the factory.

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  • Sling Cradle

    Sling cradle dollies are ideal for transporting materials of inconsistent size and shape and parts that mar easily.

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