How we raised the bar on this drop-deck trailer


When it comes to touting our bespoke carts, sometimes it’s best to let our customers do the talking. So we recently caught up with Norb Werner, IPG Support Hub and Corporate Rental Manager for Atlas Machine and Supply, to get the skinny on a recent drop-deck trailer we designed to help Atlas meet their needs. As a leading supplier of industrial air compressors—and the Midwest distributor for Sullair—not only is Atlas a family-owned business just like Hamilton, but they pride themselves on being the go-to company for industrial onsite repair needs. It was our pleasure to work with them.



Hamilton: First, can you tell us more about the trailer Hamilton designed for you?  

Werner: It’s actually a drop-deck trailer and air compressor package. The air compressor is bolted to the trailer so it can be easily moved around with a fork truck and delivered as a complete rental unit to our customers.

Hamilton: Why did you reach out to Hamilton in the first place?

Werner: We needed to figure out a better way to transport our air compressors. They’re very large and heavy—almost 20,000 pounds. We had been using a forklift to load the unit onto a trailer bed, which cost us about $1200 with all the fees. The customer also had to rent another forklift to offload the unit. We were losing rental income on this unit due to the steep forklift costs. So it wasn’t a very cost- or time- efficient process.

Hamilton: Were there any special challenges that Hamilton had to solve for?  

Werner: At first, we were going to use a regular flat cart. But since we knew the trailer/compressor package would be transported on a hauler, going on the freeway, the measurements were going to exceed DOT height requirements. That would require special permits to haul it—we didn’t want to get into that. So we knew we had to lose about 10 inches off the overall height. That’s when a drop deck came into play.

Hamilton: Any special features worth calling out?

Werner: Well it’s great that the Hamilton package is part of the compressor as one trailer/compressor unit. The customer can move it around at their site. And we can move it around our repair facility as it comes off of rental. No more forklifts to onload and offload it. We were able to drill holes around the outer edges of the cart so the compressor can be firmly mounted to the trailer for added stability.

Hamilton: And how has it worked out for you?

Werner: It’s been great. We’re located a short distance from Hamilton, so we recently came over and ran a test to make sure the trailer tracked the way we wanted it to. It met every expectation. The Two Wheel Auto Steer worked awesome for the length of this cart and tracks very well. It auto steers back and forth to keep it aligned on the trailer as it’s being rolled off.

Hamilton: In three words, can you describe what it’s been like working with Hamilton?

Werner: Straightforward, Accommodating, Flexible

All Steel Two Wheel Auto-Steer “Low Boy” Trailer


  • Capacity: 20,000 lbs.
  • Usable Deck Size: 84" wide x 220" long
  • Estimated Overall Length: 270"
  • Deck Material: Smooth Plate Steel
  • Usable Deck Height: No more than 12”
  • Steering Type: Two Wheel Auto-Steer
  • Running Gear: (8) Dual Mounted W-2160-SPRT-1-1/4 Solid Pneumatic Wheels w/ Tapered Bearings
  • Couplers: Loop Type Towing Tongue, No Rear Hitch
  • Color: Satin Black