Is this the Michael Jordan of custom trailers?


Stay low when handling the ball, they say in the NBA. If this month’s featured custom trailer were an athlete, it would definitely be a basketball star. This lowboy could dribble strong, be quick to sprint and protect the ball better from steals. Alley-oop!

Alas, it’s bringing a different kind of A-game to our customer—a major chemical company that needed a particularly maneuverable, stable trailer to haul structural crates of chemicals. Their old one just didn’t cut it anymore.

We designed this new low-deck beauty to easily maneuver through lower height areas and doorways, as well as to maximize trailer stability. By designing the wheels outside the frame, our engineers were able to shorten the overall trailer length by nearly three feet (the old trailer design was 25-feet-long, and our final design came in at just over 22-feet-long).

And check out the fancy fenders we added to protect the wheels. Our TerraTech™ rubber press-on wheels provide the perfect added cushion and rollability for this trailer, which needs to travel both indoors and outdoors in inclement weather and over punishing asphalt and concrete.

Just another way our trailers make it rain.

Drop Deck Two-Wheel Steer Autosteer Trailer

  • Capacity: 15,000 lbs.
  • Deck Material: Steel Frame / Steel Deck
  • Drop Deck Height: ~13"
  • Steering Type: Two Wheel Auto Steer
  • Running Gear: (2) W-1590-POR & (2) W-1860-POR
  • Couplers: Loop Type Towing Tongue
  • Usable Deck Size: 44" Wide x 240" Long
  • Travel speeds: 3-5 mph Recommended
  • Operating Environment: Indoor / Concrete; Outdoor / Asphalt
  • Finish: Safety Yellow