Why is this custom cart so ready to roll?


When your products can truly help solve your customers’ problems, it’s like one of our top three feelings in the world. Upping productivity. Improving safety. It’s all super euphoric stuff to us. That’s why we’re so stoked to have designed this custom trailer for a local metal fabricator shop.

The customer needed a heavy-duty, roller/conveyer deck at work height that could accommodate 2-ton pallets (44” wide x 216” long) with large, thick cross-sections of edging material used to wrap steel coils. Believe it or not, they had been moving these giant edging pieces to their banding machines manually, and injuries were starting to rack up. They considered designing something more efficient in-house, but the distributor recommended Hamilton, and the math added up, so...

Thanks to our design, the customer can now position the cart over to their banding machines, place the pallets on top, and feed the edging material into the machines with greater ease. Removable stakes along the trailer sides keep things stable, while fork pockets in the middle ensure the trailer can be hoisted easily, too. According to our distributor, the customer said of the finished product: “Wow, those folks at Hamilton really know how to weld.”

See? Natural high.

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Conveyor Cart - XT3423

  • Capacity: 2100 lbs.
  • Running Gear: Polyurethane wheels with tapered bearings
  • Deck Material: Roller deck - 2" rollers with 5" appx. spacing between rollers
  • Deck Size: 56" wide x 225" long
  • Deck Height: 30”
  • Steering Type: Fifth-wheel steer
  • Couplers: Loop-type tongue. No rear coupler.
  • Other:
    • Foot-activated brakes on front wheels
    • 3 removable stakes on either side, 2 on each end, for loading/unloading.
    • Fork pockets in middle of trailer for lifting unloaded trailer only
  • Finish: Safety yellow