Behind every great custom cart is a tale of teamwork


We say it a lot, but we’re going to say it again: Collaboration is king at Hamilton. Not only with our internal teams, but with our distributors and customers, too. It helps us build trust, deepen partnerships and ultimately deliver more tailored solutions. And isn’t that what manufacturing is all about?

A case in point is a custom cart we designed for a global tech and manufacturing company. When this customer needed help transporting casting rolls weighing up to 7,000 pounds, they turned to our distributor partner, Motion, who reached out to Hamilton. The ask was to design a cart that could hold, steer, and move casting rolls of various sizes across concrete floors, with adjustable positions for different-length end shafts.

Hamilton initially suggested a sling cart, which is ideal for transporting materials of inconsistent sizes and shapes. But then the customer added another request— could the cart design support the rolls on the journals/shafts to ensure that the roll face’s critical polished surface wouldn’t touch anything during transport? They even provided a sketch that proposed using adjustable V-block stands to support the rolls on the bearing journal shafts.

Armed with this visual, Hamilton sent Motion an updated quote with a cart design that moves the rolls from the journal end. We further refined the design, taking inspiration from the customer drawing but enhancing it to make the cart more stable, efficient, and cost-effective. By mounting the running gear to the cradle frame, we ensured that load stresses would pass straight from the load, through the cradle, and down through the casters.

The final design includes adjustable V-block stanchions that accommodate the shortest and longest casting roll. The cart also features our Champion Casters w/ Forged Steel Wheels for the least rolling resistance possible, while the Cam Style Foot “ZB” Brakes make starting and stopping a breeze. Working with distributor and customer, we leveraged everyone’s expertise to deliver a cart design that not only met the customer’s evolving specs and was also more stable and efficient to build.

Collaborate. Innovate. Repeat.

XT3592 Casting Roll Cart with adjustable V-block cradle

  • Trailer type: Caster steer
  • Capacity: 7000 lbs.
  • Running Gear:(4) S/R-CH-13GB95-ZB - Champion Series with 10"x 3" Forged Steel Wheels
  • Deck Height: 16"
  • Deck material: All Steel / Open Frame w/ Adjustable Rails
  • Superstructure: V-Block stanchions to accommodate roll journal ends between 65" and 104" long
  • Finish: Hamilton Blue