XT3456 - Rail Cart

Do you have an application where you need to transfer heavy material on a rail inside or outside your facility?  Are you in the market for a tough and durable rail cart?  Have you had an experience where other manufacturer's trailers just didn't hold up?  

If so check out XT3456 below, and see how it filled our customer's material handling needs. Hamilton has years of experience and expertise in the design and manufacturing of custom material handling carts and trailers. 

xt3456  - Hamilton Caster Rail Cart, reversible, 50,000 lbs

Statement of Understanding - 

XT3456 is a rail cart that is designed to carry large, heavy and awkward materials from an outdoor unloading area into a building. Specifically it will carry ISO containers.  The cart is equipped with (10) lashing rings to allow the load to be strapped to the deck and prevent shifting during transit. 

The cart will travel a distance of up to 200 yards +/-, back and forth on rails indoors and out.  When not in use, the cart may be stored outdoors.  

The coupler is removable and able to be mounted at either end of cart.  This ensures operator can reverse direction. The coupler has vertical adjustment to allow it to couple to multiple machines.  

Cart Specifications -Hamilton Rail Cart

Hamilton model number - XT3456                                           

Frame Construction - Steel plate deck, structural steel frame, wheels are mounted between steel burnouts

Steering Type - Rail Cart

Deck Size - 84" x 168"

Deck Height - 13-3/4" above the rail. 

Capacity - 50,000 lbs

Trailer Weight – 3,500 lbs

Running Gear – WFT-10SDT-2 

Load Retention – (10) forged steel lashing rings

Lifting Points – (4) Hoist ring lugs for lifting an empty trailer

Coupler – Ball socket coupler for a 2-5/16" ball, mounted in a receiver hitch to allow coupler to be mounted at either end of the cart.  

The coupler has vertical adjustment to ensure proper coupling.

Finish – Safety Yellow Epoxy

Stencil - Load capacity stenciled on both side rails

Safety – ODOT Conspicuity Tape for increased visibility

Customer Profile -

Due to certain restrictions, we cannot divulge any identifying information about this particular customer.  

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