We’re really tracking with this custom rail cart


If you know Hamilton, you know we do a lot of custom jobs for the federal government. And you might also know that most of these projects fall in the “We could tell you more, but we’d have to kill you” category when we want to feature them for this blog. So that puts us in a bit of a pickle for talking about this recent request we fulfilled for the U.S. Department of Energy.

What we CAN tell you is this: It’s for two rail carts for a nuclear clean-up project. If you’ve ever seen our rail carts, you know that they’re ideal for severe loading and power towing conditions. Custom-made to haul super long (168 inches) containers on a standard 90 lb. ARA-A rail, these particular rail riders will be staged outside and then briefly towed through a radioactive environment. A height-adjustable coupler can be positioned at either end to make reversible towing a breeze.

And while we can’t really say much more, what always bears repeating is that all Hamilton high-capacity carts are engineered with only the finest materials and manufactured lean in the USA. Bring us your special materials, your extreme temps, your weird dimensions. We can design for just about anything, so you can have everything.

Okay, we’ll stop talking now.

  • Capacity: 50,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 84" wide x 168" long
  • Deck Height: 13-14" deck height
  • Deck Material: Steel Plate
  • Couplers: Adjustable height coupler mountable at both ends
  • Running Gear: (4) WFT-10SDT-2 Ductile track wheels with 2" tapered bearings
  • Finish: Safety yellow