Go from fairways to flavor with this mobile pizza oven cart


It’s a crisp, sunny morning on the golf course, and everything just feels right. Your swing is smooth, your drive is straight, and you’re sinking birdies left and right. As you approach the final hole, you realize you’ve just had the game of your life. What’s the only thing that could top this blessed moment?

A hot slice of pizza, of course.

That’s the vision our team at Hamilton recently brought to life when tasked with designing a roving mobile pizza oven cart for a Florida country club. To dazzle golfers and guests alike, the venue wanted to up their game by being able to serve delicious ‘Za at various tournaments and events anywhere on the premises. But how do you transport a 2,500-pound pizza oven across uneven terrain without losing the wow factor? Challenge accepted.

Our first big design challenge was to solve for maneuverability, both indoors and out. Inside, our cart had to be compact enough for cooks to access. Outside, it needed to tackle the golf course’s rugged terrain with finesse. Our solution? A versatile design that seamlessly transitions from indoor to outdoor settings, making sure every slice is served up with a side of convenience.

Second, we needed to ensure adequate clearance to lift the oven. This baby is heavy, but a powered lifting solution could prove both costly and bulky. So our engineers leveraged the geometry of linkages coupled with a breaking winch to lift and secure the load without breaking the bank—or the cart.

Cooking with gas also presented its own set of design challenges. To keep the oven level for optimal performance, we incorporated three adjustable jacks and two built-in levels. We also designed the cart to accommodate two propane tanks in nifty triangular braces, ensuring there’s always a seamless supply of fuel for cooking. As an added bonus, we tucked away a cubby hole above the tongue to safely store the oven’s plug when not in use.

All features aside, we want to give a big shoutout to our Truck Craftsmen for their thoughtfulness and expertise in making sure every weld on this cart was within tolerance. Its three-sided design definitely kept our team on their toes. Through strategic bracing, stress relieving, and proper weld sequencing to reduce heat input, our craftsmen were able to minimize warpage. And when we hit a snag with the original winch that was sourced, they used their years of practical experience to troubleshoot and provide solutions.

The success of this project was a true team effort, starting with our sales department and finishing up with the guys in our shop. Everyone came together to do their part for the glory of the game and grumbly stomachs everywhere.

We taste victory.

XT3548 – Portable Pizza Oven Cart

  • Capacity: 2,500 pounds
  • Dimensions: 48" wide x 50" deep
  • Connection: Removable hitch to connect to golf cart
  • Running Gear: 4 swivel casters Hamilton UltraGlide® 24/7 | AGV model # S-WH-6SWC95
  • Superstructure: Push handles at both ends of cart
  • Operating Environment:Outdoor/Indoor use at a golf country club"
  • Other: Bolt pattern (4mm bolts) to mount oven to cart. Built-in storage for oven plug, need plug dimensions at time of order for design
  • Finish: Black