This custom trailer steers productivity like a pro


Versatility is king is today’s world. If you’re not doing at least three people’s jobs, then who are you, really? All jokes aside, we love it when our trailers can adapt and flex to our customer’s many needs, as is the case with this custom cart we designed for Canada’s Carriere Industries, a global manufacturer of industrial equipment in mining, construction, forestry and more.

Carriere needed a trailer for moving steel plates and other large items in and out of their processing plant with maximum maneuverability. With that goal in mind, we replaced the trailer’s front running gear with fork pockets that also serve as landing gear. The customer said they particularly valued the cart’s versatility and the way that it can be steered with one of their many forklifts instead of being “bothered with another piece of machinery to maintain like a power tow.”

The result? A fifth wheel skid steer trailer with a 40,000 payload that can conquer the sometime serpentine roads of productivity.

Flexibility? Check. Maneuverability? Check. Happy customer? Check, check.

Those are three pretty cool things.

XT3497 40K Skid Steer Trailer

  • Capacity: 40,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: 96" Wide x 240" Long
  • Deck Material: Open Deck Structural Steel Frame
  • Steering Type: Fifth Wheel Skid Steer
  • Running Gear: 22" x 9" Press-On Polyurethane Tires
  • Travel speeds: 5 MPH (Max)
  • Finish: Steel work enameled primer/top-coat: Safety Yellow