This custom trailer still rises to the occasion the second time around


Repeat orders. They’re the best.

And when our bespoke trailers work extra hard to help our customers get ‘er done, we like to celebrate the second time around all the more.

So let’s double down with this all-steel fifth wheel steer trailer we delivered for North America’s largest aluminum billet producer. The customer was so pleased with their first order that they requested another one of these Hamilton beauties for backup and increased production. Designed to move aluminum billet slabs, it’s a doozy at 330 inches long. The trailer’s sophisticated design makes it easy to both onload and offload the slabs. The customer can easily use an overhead crane to vertically load the slabs onto the back of the trailer, where strategically-placed rollers help “tip” the slabs flat on the 18-inch-high vertical risers. The risers also make it easy for forklifts to get under the load for processing. A backstop prevents the billets from vibrating or sliding off the back of the trailer.

And bonus: the risers and backstop are lined with durable UHMW strips that provide an extra protective buffer for the slabs.

Got a complex design challenge you need solved? Let Hamilton be your long-term partner in quality and reliability again and again. Contact us.

All-steel fifth-wheel steer trailer

  • Capacity: 45,00 pounds
  • Deck Size: 75” wide x 330" long
  • Deck Material: Open-frame construction with five 18" high cross risers, each rise covered in UMHW (floor between "backstop" and rear conveyor roller covered in polyurethane)
  • Steering Type: Fifth-wheel steer
  • Running Gear: Four dual-mounted 15 x 9 press-on polyurethane wheels with tapered roller bearings in the front; four dual-mounted 18 x 9 press-on polyurethane wheels with tapered roller bearings in the rear
  • Couplers: Loop-type towing tongue; no rear hitch; tongue hinged to move up and coupled at 36" height
  • Other: "Backstop" at the rear extending 30" high above the frame x 24" deep
  • Color: Safety yellow