The Big Number: 68 Custom Trailers. No Sweat


We’re pumping out one our biggest custom orders ever, thanks to one of our southeast distributors. This time with 68 four-wheel steer trailers to haul diesel turbocharger housings for a major engine manufacturer.

Uniquely designed, each trailer features two carousels that lock in place during transport and rotate to keep loads easily accessible. A single trailer holds 48 parts and about an hour of production needs on the assembly line.

With the added capacity of our new truck factory, we can handle massive orders like this with ease. Plus, we can build even larger carts and trailers faster than ever.

Here are the tech specs:

  • All steel four-wheel steer trailer with sheet aluminum carrousels minimize trailer weight and cost.
  • Custom removable superstructure mounted over channel frame base trailer. Designed to haul 48 parts in 12 by 12 lined cubby compartments. Special lining protects parts in transit. Adjustable shelves can accommodate part changes in the future.
  • Each rotatable carrousel is designed for water drainage through the cubby compartments, facilitating occasional wash down.
  • Rugged loop-type towing tongue with special handle for manual steering. Pintle hitch mounted on rear enables several trailers to be made into a train.
  • Fifth wheels at each end connect to a tie rod for four-wheel steering. Enables trains to “track” through aisles.
  • Running gear: Four W-1230-SPB ¾ Poly-Soft wheels with precision ball bearings for an extra-smooth ride and easy rolling.
  • Two front wheels have special contact brakes installed to maintain position at the assembly line.
  • Glossy yellow paint
  • Load capacity: 2,000 lbs.