This trailer can help bury nuclear waste, no questions asked


When you’re all snug on your sofa, snacking on Cheetos and cold beer, we’re pretty sure you’re not thinking about how to dispose of nuclear waste.

Good thing there’s a trailer for that. A Hamilton trailer, of course. We just custom built four giant ones for a top-secret client that shall not be named. But suffice it to say that they needed a real beast machine to transport enormous nuclear converters on their way to being buried—Tony Soprano-style—deep in the fields of an undisclosed Midwestern location.

At 120” wide by 248” long, these carts are pretty massive. And with such delicate cargo, you better bet they come correct. Built tough with a payload of 70,000 pounds, they feature 8 dual-mounted 18-inch diameter press-on wheels made of high-capacity polyurethane with precision ball bearings. We also designed the carts with holes (similar to bolt holes in casters) to secure aluminum cradles to the cart for extra cargo support.

Got a special application that requires Hamilton engineering? Reach out to our sales team for a quote. Whether your haul involves unusual materials, extreme temps, ultra-high capacities and more, we’ll do just about anything for you.

Except bury a body, maybe.

Nuclear converter cart: XT3388

  • Capacity: 70,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size: Deck Size: 120" wide X 248" long
  • Deck Height: Approximately 28”
  • Deck Material: Smooth steel plate
  • Steering Type: Fifth-wheel steer
  • Running Gear: 8 dual-mounted 18” x 9” press-on polyurethane wheels with precision ball bearings
  • Couplers: Loop-type towing tongue in front; no rear coupler
  • Other: 18 Lashing rings; 6 on each side, 3 on each end
  • Superstructure: (4) removable stands; (1) at each corner of trailer
  • Stenciling & Marking: Capacity stenciled on both frame sides
  • Finish: Safety yellow
  • Estimated weight: 10,000 lbs.