Our 8-wheel auto steer trailer is going nuclear on hazardous waste


When your custom carts are tough enough to haul monstrous loads at a nuclear deactivation site, you’re proud to be made American made. Chernobyl? Chu betcha. Nagasaki? Naga problem.

And when they’re as unique as this eight-wheel reversible auto steer (a first for Hamilton!), well you’re just plain proud.

Such is the case with this latest custom truck we like to call Crazy Eight. At 21-feet long, this powerhouse of productivity is engineered to move 13-foot-diameter pipes with a payload of 66,000 pounds each for a government deactivation and remediation project. Because the trailers are being used on the second floor of an old building, the customer was concerned about the floors holding up and therefore required a cart with tires rated under 300 psi. Problem solved. We chose press-on tires for their added strength and durability.

This is also the first custom eight-wheel steer trailer we’ve ever produced. Because you can’t get much more optimal in turning ability than an eight-wheeler with reversible tow at both ends.

So “turn to” Hamilton for all your special orders.

Eight-Wheel Reversible Autosteer Trailer

  • Capacity: 66,000 lbs
  • Deck Material: ½-inch thick smooth steel plate
  • Deck Size: 144" wide x 252" long
  • Steering Type:Eight-Wheel Auto-Style. Reversible tow auto-steer assembly at each end that locks when the tongue is in an upright position)
  • Running Gear: Eight dual-mounted 22" diameter X 10” wide press-on polyurethane wheels with tapered bearings. PSI will be under 300.
  • Couplers: Tongue with towing eye at front and back
  • Usable Deck Size: 48" Wide x 240" Long
  • Superstructure: Cradle at each end to accommodate 13’ diameter pipe
  • Finish: Safety Yellow