XT3346 - Scrap Trailer

Do you have an application where you need to transfer bars of steel, aluminum, brass or bronze?  Are you in the market for a tough and scrappy trailer?  Have you had an experience where other manufacturer's trailers just didn't hold up?  

If so check out XT3346 below, and see how it filled our customer's material handling needs. Hamilton has years of experience and expertise in the design and manufacturing of custom material handling carts and trailers. 

xt3346  - hamilton caster scrap trailer, two wheel autosteer, 50,000 lbs

Statement of Understanding - 

XT3346 is 2 Wheel Auto-Steer Trailer used to haul bundles of brass scrap rod and coil. Bundles weigh approximately 5,000 lbs and are approximately 24 inches in diameter x up to18 feet long. Trailers can handle up to 10 bundles for a total load carrying capability of 50,000 lbs.  

Loads can overhang the rear of trailer.  Loads rest on cross rails which allow access from below via. forklift. or gives the operator access for straps to be lifted via overehad crane.  The bulkhead serves as a means of precisley loading the bars by butting the load against it during the loading process. The bulkhead also offers the tow tractor operator protection against the load shifting forwards.

Constraining loads rely on 3 seperate methods.  First, removeable stakes that keep the load from shifting off of the sides of trailer when loading.  Lashing rings and winches are then used to restrain the load for transfer.

Operating Environment: Scrap bundle trailers will travel indoors (concrete) and outdoors (asphalt) year-round in all weather conditions on multiple shifts. There is a 5.5% slope on indoor concrete ramp leading into the foundry.  Travel speeds: 5 MPH or less.

Swivel hoist rings are included to allow the customer to lift and transfer a cart in its unloaded condition. 

Cart Specifications -

Hamilton model number - XT3346                                           

Frame Construction - Open frame, structural steel

Steering Type - Two wheel automotive steering

Capacity - 50,000 lbs

Trailer Weight – 11,500 lbs

Running Gear – W-POY-1890-2  /  W-POY-1590-2 

Load Retention – (10) removeable stakes

                               (8) forged steel lashing rings

                               (6) winch / winch straps

Trailer Stabilization – Heavy duty rubber wheel chocks

Lifting Points – (4) Hoist rings for lifting an empty trailer

Other – Spring loaded tongue to stay in the near horizontal position

Other – Bulkhead for assisting in consistant loading of the trailer

Finish – Safety Yellow

Safety – ODOT Conspicuity Tape for increased visability

Customer Profile -

The customer is a North American manufacturer of Brass and Bronze located in the Mid-West of the United States. They have been in business since the Mid 1800s.  They must be doing something right, like selecting Hamilton.  

They primarily serve the building and household industry, electrical industry, industrial and transportation industries.  They have a highly automated manufacturing processes which allow them to produce product at a high rate. 

Their manufacturing campus is made up of multiple buildings, with outdoor lots and ramps in which to traverse.  There is concrete, pavement and compressed gravel on the premissis.

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