Trailer psychology: A diagnosis for better productivity


What does it mean to be “well-adjusted”? A few things come to mind:

  • You adapt well to change
  • You play well with others
  • You show grace under pressure
  • You’re not a weirdo

So, by that reasoning, if Hamilton carts and trailers had shrinks, this one that we custom-built for a leading advanced materials and coatings company would certainly pass the adjustment test. Because in our world, well-adjusted is when your frame is designed for maximum flexibility. Well-adjusted is when you carry the burden of others with stability and safety. And it’s when you’ve got lots of ways to connect to both people and machines.

Here's how the customer put Hamilton to the well-adjusted test: Their cart had to be versatile enough to move varying diameters and lengths of giant paper rolls (between 48 and 60 inches in diameter) in multiple ways throughout their warehouse. For maximum flexibility, we built three removable cradles that can be adjusted along the length of the cart in 12-inch increments. We also added Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene to each cradle, providing product protection with very little added weight.

The client also needed to easily transfer the rolls from a lower bay to an upper bay in their warehouse. So, to aid in adjusting the cradle, we designed lifting eyes on each and positioned them in an area conducive to lifting the rolls via an overhead crane.

Finally, the cart design also demanded different towing methods—using not only an EP50K ePower Assist unit but a tugger tow, as well. The ePower unit requires a rigid connection to the cart, while towing requires a tow bar with vertical articulation. We specified the cart with two interchangeable tow bars, one for each method of use, and even included easy on-board storage for the tow bar.

Flexibility. Versatility. Productivity. Now that’s what we call healthier returns for all.


  • Capacity:12,000 lbs.
  • Frame:Structural Steel Channel
  • Deck:.25" Plate Steel
  • Deck Height:24.375"
  • Platform Dimensions:60" x 144"
  • Pusher Interface:(2) sockets for rigid loop-type towing
  • Load Retention Device:(4) forged steel lashing rings; 15,000 SWL. each
  • Wheel Type:(4) S-CH-12GB95-4SL swivel casters
  • Finish:Safety Yellow with high visibility reflective conspicuity tape
  • Superstructure:(3) UHMW Lined Removable Cradles, Adjustable Every 12"
  • Towing Type:Removable Loop Type Towing Tongue for Intermittent Towing (Attachment Lugs permanently welded to frame, each end.) Onboard storage when not in use.