Dirt trailer…or Chernobyl Chariot?


Soooo…hauling a trailer full of dirt might not be the sexiest application we’ve ever designed for, but when that dirt is radioactive, it tends to make things more interesting.

With its handy welded steel bucket design, this custom beauty is being used in a remediation plant to safely transport 45,000-pound payloads of nuclear waste. At the customer’s request, Hamilton engineers reinforced the frame using steel and other means to help resist shock loading and reduce weld crack at the joints. Our press-on polys help ensure a smooth ride from point A to B. Combine it all with a slick orange paint job, and you’ve got one hard-working trailer that screams safety with a splash of style.

From dirt to dazzling, so to speak.

XT3552 All Steel Fifth Wheel Steer Trailer

  • Capacity:45,000 lbs.
  • Deck Size:72" Wide x 144" Long x 21 1/4” High
  • Deck Material:Smooth steel deck welded over structural steel frame and supports
  • Steering Type:Fifth Wheel Steer
  • Running Gear:(4) dual-mounted w-poy-1480, 14 x 8 press-on polyurethane wheels in the front and (4) dual-mounted w-poy-2080, 20 x 8 press-on polyurethane wheels at the rear; wheels rotate between wheel sides of plate steel
  • Superstructure:Furnished with 10” x 15.3” channel welded on top of deck around complete perimeter with “c” facing out and all corners square
  • Towing type:Loop-type towing tongue of steel tube with loop welded at end
  • Finish:Safety orange